About Pickering Company

We’ve had many sets of beautiful fabric placemats over the years, but none have lasted as long or have been as easy to maintain as the hardboard placemats we were gifted some 30 years ago. When we were looking to replace our hardboard set we found very few appealing designs and discovered most are now mass-produced overseas. So with our combined backgrounds in design and craftsmanship we decided to create what we couldn’t find: quality, safe, USA-made hardboard placemats with beautiful, gallery-quality images suitable for our table – Pickering Company was born.

Hardboard placemats became popular in Europe during the Great Depression as an alternative to the costly cleaning and ironing of table linens. Pickering Company, a boutique manufacturer in Downeast Maine, has reintroduced this timeless classic for everyday use in today’s home for both the traditional dining table and modern kitchen island.

Pickering placemats protect your surfaces from scuffs and scratches, oily and acidic foods, wine stains, hot cups, and sticky plates from the microwave – and then easily wipe clean! They’re durable, stain-resistant, heat-resistant, non-slip, food-safe, and keep their like-new condition for years.

Beautifully designed and crafted using sustainable hardboard and cork.

Perfectly sized for boat, bar and table.


Proudly handcrafted in historic Castine, Maine.


Pickering Company is proud to have been chosen

to produce the Castine Historical Society's exclusive "Ship Castine" placemats,
only available at their gift shop and online store. Learn more about the history of Castine, Maine.



Ship Castine


$38 Set of 2
available exclusively from
Castine Historical Society

(purchase directly from Castine Historical Society website)


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